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    Meet our the Motion Stability Administrative Team

    Meet our the Motion Stability Administrative Team

    Prior to your initial consultation, you may download the patient profile forms to complete before your appointment arrival.

    Download Form    Parking and Directions

    Please bring your white parking ticket and we will validate your parking. Valet parking is also available for $5.

    Health Insurance (Out-of-Network Providers)

    Motion Stability provides quality and individualized physical therapy services based on 55-minute treatment sessions. 30 minute follow-up sessions are also available. Motion Stability is an out-of-network insurance provider. As a courtesy, we will verify your insurance benefits before your first evaluation, keeping in mind that it is still your responsibility to confirm and know your own policy benefits. We will submit the claims to your insurance company. Once your deductible is satisfied you will be responsible to pay an estimated co-insurance amount at the time of the visit. After your insurance company processes your claims, you will be responsible for paying any remaining balances or uncovered amounts your insurance company does not reimburse from our billed charges. Please contact us for further questions regarding our insurance policies.

    Self-Pay (non-insurance)

    A self-pay rate is available for patients not needing Motion Stability to submit and process health insurance claims for their treatment. Patients can receive an itemized statement to submit to their insurance provider themselves.

    Initial Evaluation:         $180 per 55-minute session (initial evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment)

    Follow-up Treatments:  $170 per 55-minute session, $85 per 30-minute session


    Motion Stability accepts patients with Medicare coverage. We are considered as a non-participating provider for Medicare. Please contact us for further information on our Medicare billing procedures.

    Health / Flexible Savings Account

    We are able to submit your visit through your health savings account. Please inform our administration team and we will make the necessary adjustments to your payment method. We can also provide you with an invoice for your visit so that you can submit your claims independently.

    Cancellation and No-show Policy

    In order to provide quality and individualized care, we do have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to show for your appointment or do not cancel 24-hours in advance, you will be charged the cost of a treatment session at $170.


    Please contact us at (404) 382-8702 or email admin@motionstability.com if you have further questions regarding our treatment policies.

  • How is Motion Stability different from other physical therapy centers?

    At Motion Stability, we believe that physical therapy should not be performed in a group environment. When pain and injuries are present, the patient deserves individualized, private services provided by a skilled clinician such as a Physical Therapist. We provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine all the factors that contribute to the patient’s injury and provide an appropriate treatment plan to restore the patient back to their functional or sporting goals.

    What can I expect from physical therapy?

    Physical Therapists perform a variety of interventions, including manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise. At Motion Stability, all treatments are performed by the Physical Therapist; we do not employ assistants, aides or technicians. Exercises are supervised and individualized for the patient as it pertains to their condition and goals for therapy. Each patient is also instructed in a home exercise program, to complement what is performed in the clinic, as well as instruction in proper posture and body mechanics.

    What do I need to bring with me on my first appointment?

    Please be sure to bring your completed patient forms, any referral or script from your doctor or other health practitioner (if available), your insurance card, driver’s license, and method of payment. Please arrive 20 minutes ahead of time to make sure all forms and necessary paperwork are completed. Changing facilities, lockers, and showers are available.

    What should I wear for my appointment?

    Generally, it is a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If the condition for which you are being treated involves a specific region of the body, it is preferred that that area be as accessible as possible. If you have been given or are currently using any assistive devices, including orthotics, please bring them with you as well. Motion Stability has lockers available for use to store all of your personal items during your session. Please ask the receptionist for instructions and availability. We do have private areas in which you can change in and out of your therapy clothing if you are going to/coming from work, etc. We also have a shower if you need to clean up after your physical therapy.

    What will happen during my first appointment?

    During your first visit, we will talk to you about your history and ask you questions relating to your injury or problem including what your symptoms are and what makes you feel better or worse. We will ask about previous injuries, other current or past medical conditions, as well as your daily activities such as work, sports and hobbies in order to determine factors related to your problem. We will also review any special tests (x-rays, CT scans, etc.) that you have had.

    We will then do a physical assessment and biomechanical exam to assess your movement and problem areas. Along with your history, this will help us determine the cause of your pain and dysfunction and how to treat it most cost effectively and efficiently. We will then discuss our findings and begin our treatment plan directed at achieving your identified goals for therapy.

    What will happen on subsequent visits?

    Your session may involve various forms of treatment based on your individual needs. Treatments may include, but are not limited to manual therapy, intramuscular manual therapy, neurodynamics, modalities, and specific exercise and functional movement progressions. All interventions all aimed to reduce your pain and dysfunction and restore you to your functional and sporting goals.

    Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

    Georgia state law allows the patient to receive a physical therapy examination without a referral from a doctor. There are some instances where a referral is not necessary. These include the patient who is returning to physical therapy within 60 days of discharge from prior physical therapy, and those who are interested in fitness and wellness programs. Should you not have a referral, we are happy to refer to one of the numerous physicians with whom we work so that you may obtain one. Some insurance companies will not reimburse physical therapy services without a referral. For further questions please contact our office at (404) 382-8702.

    How long is an appointment?

    Each therapy session is a 30 or 55 minutes in length. Since this time is specifically reserved for you, please arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule to change and prepare for your session. You will find that we do our best to run on time and we respect that your time is as valuable as ours.



  • A Special Service for Our Out-of-Town Patients

    Thinking of making a trip to Motion Stability? We are able to accommodate patients seeking care coming from outside the Atlanta area. We offer special services and packages to our out-of-town patients and their families. We are happy to assist you prior to your visit.

    This includes:

    Patient Treatment Packages

    • 2-5 day consecutive day sessions for 90 minutes each day
    • Individually tailored home-exercise program
    • Coordination with other necessary medical practitioners or coaching / training professionals


    • Complimentary access to gym facility at Fusion Atlanta
    • Assistance with restaurant reservations
    • Assistance with attraction packages
    • Assistance with setting-up golf / tennis outings or lessons
    • Arrangements for a language interpreter


    • Transportation arrangements to / from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    • Four-star hotel accommodation, conveniently located within walking distance of clinic.
    • 3-D motion reality Golf Evaluation.
    • Access to personal trainer.

    For further inquiry, please contact our office at (404) 382-8702 or e-mail:admin@motionstability.com and ask for a Motion Stability representative to assist you. Additional fees may apply based on the items you request.